GUEST POST: The Importance of Everyday Art

GUEST POST:  The Importance of Everyday Art

Hi folks, one of our goals this year is to create a community of supporters around Yellow Hibiscus Gallery.  To fulfill this goal, we asked a few of our friends to share their thoughts on a variety of subjects. We thought this would be an interesting addition to our blog page.  Leading off in this new series, is our good buddy, David Nicholas Burt.  David is a world traveling, multi-lingual, Brighton based English man who spent last year in Harlem, New York saving the world. He also spent countless hours providing second/third opinions to our founder during the earlier stages of the design of our site.  The two of them spent a bit of time talking about art and the importance of art in everyday life.  This blog is a reflection of these conversations.  We Enjoy.

What does the word ‘art’ mean to you?

Does it conjure up images of foreboding galleries with gold-framed paintings from hundreds of years ago? Or is it that strange sculpture you pass every day on your commute and aren’t sure why it’s there?

Whatever comes to mind, art is not something reserved for galleries and exhibitions, the chances are that you can find some type of art in your home, possibly without realizing it.

Even if you don’t have photos, prints or paintings on the wall, you might be surprised to learn that everything from the pattern on your carpet to the design of your sofa can be considered a form of art.

We are surrounded by art on a daily basis and may not be aware of just how big a role it plays in our lives and how much we rely on it.

But why do we place such importance on art? After all, we wouldn’t die if we didn’t have a painting hanging in our home, we can survive perfectly well without it.

While art may not fulfill any biological need to live, it’s important to remember why it is necessary and valuable, it helps us to be human.

Art is our attempt at understanding our existence by bringing our inner worlds into the outer reality; it’s our medium for expression, passion and emotion. It can cut across social, economic, educational, racial and cultural barriers. It can be life-enhancing, entertaining and defining of our identities and help us create the kind of atmosphere we want to live in.

 Art is a beautiful part of the world we live in, whether we read about it, create it or simply appreciate it.

 As a means to understand ourselves, and the world around us, art is an investment in our quality of life.

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