Ashalley Mensah

Ashalley Mensah is a Ghanaian based fine artist and illustrator.  He is a versatile artist who has mastered the media of watercolor, pastel, charcoal, acrylic, and oil.  Ashalley was born to be an artist.  He inherited his love for art as well as his talent from his father.  While his father did not pursue art as a career, he nevertheless encouraged and supported a young Ashalley to follow his passion.

Ashalley draws his inspiration from everyday life.  He is especially fond of depicting the daily lives and scenes of rural Ghanaians.  As Ghana begins to modernize and industrialize, its rural citizens are faced with the risk of losing their traditional way of life and culture.  Ashalley has made the portrayal and preservation of the heritage and culture of rural Ghanaians through art a major focus of his work. Using paint, charcoal and lead, Ashalley narrates the life of his subjects.  His images are timeless stories that radiate through the colors and hues of his canvases.  Amazingly, his works capture the emotional DNA of his subject and transfers them to the viewer, allowing us to peak into their existence.  Additionally, if you look closely at his work, you will find peppered throughout symbols and traditional motifs that are relevant to the cultures and subjects he depicts.

As previously noted, Ashalley makes his living as a fine artist and illustrator.  He holds a first class diploma certificate in Art from Ghana's preeminent art education institute, Ghanatta College of Art and Design.  He has worked for and with some of the top publishers in Ghana, and has had his works exhibited in museums, embassies, corporate, and private collections throughout West Africa.  


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