Layes Hussain

Layes Hussain (Layes Art) is a New Jersey based artist who discovered his talent later in life. Born in Bangladesh, he immigrated to the United States at the tender age of four with his parents. A former high school literature teacher, Layes began his artistic career by teaching himself how to paint with a start-kit from a local art store. After his stint as a teacher was abruptly ended via a layoff, Layes decided to turn a negative turn of events into a positive and pursued his artistic passion. Seven years later, Layes is now a prolific creator, and has completed over 850 paintings. A full time artist, Layes supports himself and his two African grey parrots, Artsy and Hercules.

When asked about his motivation for painting, Layes simply replies: “The thought that I am creating images that might one day hang on a wall and give someone pleasure. Many people spend their free time in different ways, but one day I realized that I did not want to look back and have to wonder if I really made the most of my time.”


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