Maxwell Boadi

Maxwell Boadi

Maxwell Boadi (“Maxwell”) from an early age knew he’d become an artist. However, given his background, Maxwell’s chances of achieving this dream were slim to none.

Despite not having any formal training, Maxwell’s talents were so developed that when he entered primary (elementary) school, his teachers would ask him to draw the day’s lessons on the board. At the age of 11, Maxwell sold his first work to a complete stranger, who’d taken a strong interest in his rendition of a movie poster that Maxwell recreated.  This event crystallized his determination to be an artist, and helped him realize that he could use his skills to help his family.

In high school, Maxwell was lucky enough to make friends with the son of an artist.  This friendship was instrumental because through his friend, Maxwell was able to gain a tutor who would teach him the basics.  After high school, Maxwell’s enrolled in Ghana’s premier art’s institute, Ghanatta College of Arts and Designs ( “Ghanatta”).  To pay for his initial admission, Maxwell sold his bicycle, and then somehow managed to scrap enough money for the rest of his tuition.  Maxwell graduated from Ghanatta in 2004 with a first class certificate/diploma in fine arts.  

Currently he’s making his living as a full time artist, and supporting his family with the proceeds from his craft.

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